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On Being Free (University of Notre Dame Press, 1977)

“Bergmann’s accomplishment is substantial. His is the most important philosophical examination of freedom since Isaiah Berlin’s celebrated essay of a generation ago.”
Social Science Quarterly

“The book is brilliant and terribly exciting.”
-Frederick Suppe

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2014 e-book releases with the most current information from Frithjof on the New Work, New Culture movement:

New Work Life: New Business Enterprises Ten Years and Now!

New Work Life: New Work New Culture: New Business Enterprise

Starting With New Work: Creating a New Culture

Older Works by Frithjof are now also being released in e-book form on Amazon:

Epistemology And Social Science (1973)

Works to Read Online:

“Brave New Work” (part 1 and part 2). A 1987 Detroit Free Press article on Frithjof’s New Work initiative in Flint, MI. “People wonder why anyone in GM management would listen to someone who looks like me and talks like me. But people are so desperate they are willing to listen to a philosopher.”

Philosopher of the New Work Order.” A 1993 Detroit Free Press article. “Technology displaced people from the land into the factories. Now it was displacing them from the factories into the service industries. Soon it will be displacing them from the service industries into…”

The Future of Work.” An article that originally appeared in the October 1983 Praxis International, reprinted in 1996 article in Perspectives on Business and Global Change, Vol. 10, no. 1. “Consider, simply as an opening proposition, the idea that half the sum-total of the now existing jobs could soon be eliminated…”

The New Work Life.” A 2003 essay. “What will actively support you in the great task of living your life in earnest? What will fit the manner in which you will work? What will make the best and most intelligent use of the new technologies, of the new materials, of the new building systems we now have?”

New Work, New Culture, chapter 1, draft Word document. German readers can purchase the book here

An Early Post-Industrial Business Opportunity.” A 2005 paper providing discussion and examples of a new model of post-industrial, decentralized, and high-tech manufacturing as steps towards greater self-reliance.

A 2020 That We Could Attain.” A paper presented at the 2008 Vision Summit, providing an in-depth look at the New Work uprising in Flint, Michigan and an exploration of the paradigm shift implicit in New Work ideas.

The Experience of Values (originally published in 1973, in Inquiry)

Nietzsche and Analytic Ethics