The “How” of new Work

The “How” of new Work

 “The now dying culture was founded on the premise that human beings are ferocious feral beasts that need to be socialized, i.e. de-clawed and un-teethed.  The now culture knows that exactly the reverse is true, that the ‘mass of men’ are fragile, easily discouraged, and even walled off from their own deep desires.”

New Work seeks to build a network of New Work Communities, each complete with fully equipped community centers, housing developments, village-wide infrastructures, community, self-providing activities, and decentralized manufacturing centers.
New Work can also organize small groups to band together to employ high tech self-providing techniques while organizing co-operative business ventures based on New Work Technologies.
New Work provides the conceptual framework for a comprehensive strategic approach – an integrated, overall framework to organize and coordinate stakeholders, to articulate consistent policies and programs, and to provide coherent rationales to guide decision makers, community leaders, and technology providers in both the public and private sectors.

Employing New Work Technologies creates:

  • Economically independent communities.
  • High-tech infrastructure for community life (housing, food, water, energy).
  • Co-operatively owned business ventures.
  • Decentralized manufacturing techniques.
  • Entrance into the world-wide markets.
  • Training, education, mentoring, and support for individual and collective pursuits.
  • Access to technology, resources, information, needed for modern life.
  • Greater individual and collective autonomy.
  • Enhanced quality of life.

To acheive these results New Work:

  • Establishes connections between projects and technology providers.
  • Adapts technologies to local conditions.
  • Mobilizes community leaders and participants.
  • Ensures technological solutions address community needs and desires.
  • Develops comprehensive programs.
  • Coordinates program implementation.
  • Plans and coordinates installation of technological infrastructure.
  • Creates training programs in New Work principles and technology uses.
  • Trains trainers.
  • Develops business enterprises.
  • Opens markets for new products.
  • Delivers ongoing training, mentoring, and support.