Urban Farming

Urban Farming

Permaculture is an efficient and sustainable system of agriculture.  Crops are grown in clusters, often mixed together or placed in terraces one above the other. By carefully selecting the plants and their placement, the waste from one becomes the fertilizer for the next.

Permaculture not only provides high yields from smaller plots, it is good for renovating land that has been neglected or overfarmed.

Permaculture has great momentum and viability in the urban areas of developed nations and is practiced with enthusiasm and dedication toward this sustainable and localized vision.

“The intention is to develop sustainable agricultural systems on vacant, currently blighted urban lots, and co-op them in a network, creating large-scale agricultural output which will justify jobs and growing the agricultural economy in southeast Michigan. There’s plenty of available land.”
–Ryan Rowinski, M.S.U. Crop and Soil Scientist

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